Rancocas Valley Regional High School
Special Education
Resource Courses
Resource courses offer the same curricula in keeping with current New Jersey Core Content Curriculum Standards as their general education counterparts. The general education lessons are modified by the classroom teachers to meet the individual needs of the students. Instruction is tailored to address learning deficiencies, unique learning styles, and emotional needs of classified students. Resource courses provide a smaller educational setting with a maximum of nine students taught by a highly qualified content specific special education teacher. A student’s enrollment in a resource course follows discussions with all parties involved during the annual IEP meeting.

​​​​​​​Self-Contained Multiple Disabilities Program
The Functional Life Skills Integrated Program (FLIP) offers students the opportunity to focus on functional academic life skills, daily living skills, prevocational/vocational skills, and social interactions, while improving their overall academic potential. Prevocational and vocational skills are developed through exposure to job simulations involving operating a greenhouse, learning building trades, and maintaining buildings and grounds at our Rancocas Valley Annex site. Additionally, students will discover and develop daily living skills by experiencing the setup of a fully-functioning apartment.

Students integrate into the general education population at RV by participating in Health and Fitness and Physical Education classes plus other elective courses as determined by the IEP team. Community-based instructional (CBI) opportunities are infused into the program exposing students to meaningful and authentic community experiences. These activities bridge the gap between classroom instruction and daily life. The goal is to prepare students for independent living and gainful employment beyond high school.